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PERFTEL is a contact center based in the city of Fez in Morocco.

PERFTEL  quality standards before going into production. We ensure their knowledge in terms of:    

  • Communication technical.
  • Sales technical.
  • General Culture & Environment
  • Scenario
       Information Technology Training (scenario-based workshops) forge the fundamentals of customer relations. It is supplemented by ongoing training. Product Training provides business expertise.   Our managers have extensive direct sales experience with a great cover ability of operators not only during the workshops but also in real-time production.

The Director of Operations is working since 2005 in a telemarketing call center in Fes, first as a supervisor and project manager and finally director of production in 2010 to May 2014.   He managed the production of several French and Belgian customers often prospecting Cold B2C with good results but also many production B2B making appointments and direct selling. He also developed and managed the customer service of a Belgian telecom operator (ranked better customer service FR in 2013).
The operators for whom he spoke were: Tele2, Versatel, Base, Scarlet, Belgacom and Voo, Orange, Bouygues and SFR.
In parallel he developed and managed sales of energy projects and knows very well the environment of this sector.

More than 12 years of experience, we assure you to get the best quality.