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PERFTEL is a contact center based in the city of Fez in Morocco.

Intelligent applications emphasize the dynamics of PERFTEL:

The multi-channel CRM (telephone, fax, email, sms ...) Vocalcom.Net -V4.2- (www.vocalcom.com) intuitively manages calls, enriched database and controls the call center:

  • The Telecom Intelligence integrates ACD distributes calls to the most competent cell (Skills Management); IVR (IVR) broadcasts programmed instructions ("to speak at the service following type 1" ...) numbering with Predictive dialer (Progressive or Preview) passes the calls automatically and CTI was the record and history of client for a personal interview.
  • CRM capture customer history to enrich the database.
  • Business intelligence stores and translated into multidimensional data the client and performance of contact center history.
  • The calendar program manager appointments telephone.

SCRIPTING software allows to set up all the necessary tools to carry out the mission in treatment.
The order entry software has many features such as client consultation forms, entry and order management.

Software making appointments have multiple features such as file consultation, diaries management (lock time range ...), the creation of an optimized touring circuit for commercial, quota management (product and geo-marketing), the ratio of commercial visits (close door, cancellation of appointments, order taking ...), the selection of prospects to visit.

The ticketing management software (concerts, theater ...) provides real-time reservation.

PERFTEL operates a dedicated internet connection and guarantees to transmit telecommunications.

More than 12 years of experience, we assure you to get the best quality.